Viterna Nasa Prices For Cattle Fattening

Viterna Nasa Prices For Cattle Fattening

Viterna Nasa Prices For Cattle Fattening

Product Description VITERNA Powder

Organic Viterna Plus Powder was present in early 2015 as one of the latest innovations from PT NASA (Natural Nusantara) in responding to market challenges in the livestock sector today. As we know before, Liquid Organic Plus Viterna has been present where the quality has been tested and has been proven by many breeders, not only in Indonesia, but also abroad. This livestock supplement product is another form of Liquid Viterna where the advantages and quality are the same as the liquid product.

Function and Use of Organic Viterna Plus Powder

Viterna Plus is very good to be used for fattening / enlarging Cow, Goat, Sheep, Chicken, Rabbit, Fish, Shrimp and so on with the following functions:

  • Add nutritional content for livestock, fish and shrimp
  • Increase daily weight gain (ADG)
  • Increase appetite for livestock, fish and shrimp
  • Accelerate the growth of livestock, fish and shrimp
  • Speed ​​up harvest time (for broilers and fish)
  • Reducing mortality
  • Increase the nutritional content of fish and livestock meat
  • Reducing the smell of cattle dung
  • Natural products that are safe for livestock, fish, shrimp and the environment

How to use Organic Viterna Plus Powder

  • Large Livestock : Cows, Buffalo, etc. -> 5-10 grams / head / day mixed with drinking water or mixed feed (komboran)
  • Small Livestock : Goats, Sheep, Rabbits, etc. -> 5 grams / head / day mixed with drinking water or mixed feed (komboran)
  • Poultry : Chicken, Duck, Quail, Bird, etc. -> 0.5-1 gram / liter of drinking water every day:
  • Broiler : given once a day
  • Laying : given 3 days
  • Fisheries : Milkfish, Shrimp, Carp, Catfish, Tilapia, Gurame, Patin, etc. -> 5-10 grams + 1 liter of water + 3 kg of fish feed

Note : The combination of the use of Viterna will be more leverage if combined with the use of TANGGUH Probiotics or POC NASA + Hormones.

The product, which was officially launched in November 2014, is available in a Box containing 10 sachets in which each sachet has a net weight of 25 grams. Economically, the use of Viterna from Powder and Liquid forms for livestock is not much different, so it’s just a matter of taste.

If you need Viterna and you are from an area that is hard to reach, heavy shipping, if any, but shipping costs are expensive, you can consider using Organic Viterna Plus Powder to increase your livestock production.

Viterna Price

Viterna price is Rp. 140,000 per box with 10 sachets.

Thus our article about Viterna Powder for Animal Fattening, I hope this article is useful and can be used as a recommendation in the Best Animal Fattening Medication.

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