How To Use Crystal X (NCX Nasa) The Original

How To Use Crystal X (NCX Nasa) The Original

How To Use Crystal X (NCX Nasa) The Original

Natural NCX (Crystal X) is a health product to solve all the difficult situations of the woman’s mainstay from PT Natural Nusantara. NCX (Crystal X) has become a phenomenal product and is sought after by all women. Many women have described their efficacy in solving difficult conditions related to this vital organ. Crystal X Nasa has a cute stick shape with a length of 6 cm and a diameter of 1 cm with a weight of 35 grams so it is easy to carry anywhere. Just this one magic stick has many amazing benefits.


Natural NCX (Crystal X) is made from natural herbal ingredients by being processed using modern technology and supervised by specialists so that quality and hygiene are consistently maintained. Here are the contents contained in Crystal X:

1. Betel Leaves

Betel leaf contains essential oils, pat, sesquiterpenes, diatase, zarsamak, sugar and cavikol which have properties in killing bacterial diseases, but it also has antioxidant and anti-fungal properties.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has efficacy as a wound healer as well as being anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Aloe vera also has one of the ingredients in it in the form of lecithin which functions to increase immunity. And it functions in stimulating immune cells to kill cancer cells.

3. Euchema Spinosum / Seaweed Extract

Seaweed is widely used in medicine and pharmacy, among others as an antibiotic material. There is also a content of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C and Seleniu which have antioxidant effects.

4. Dragon Scales Leaves

The side leaf of a dragon has a Viniel oil content which has the function to close back the loose Miss V.

5. Natural Minerals

Natural minerals have the property in returning back the natural PH of Miss V, but it will also kill bacteria, viruses and bad bacteria in Miss V that cause vaginal discharge.

6. Alum (Pottasium Alum Sulfide)

Due to the formation of colloids, the nature that is really important in alum is adsorption. Alum can adsorb impurities, poisons and others. Alum can also be used to eliminate body odor or anti-deodorant.


For its application can be divided into 2, namely for those who are married and for those who are still girls. The following explanation.

For those who are married

  • Wet NCX (Crystal X) using water
  • Apply NCX (Crystal X) on the Miss V lip area after bathing
  • Clean NCX (Crystal X) again after it is applied using clean water and dry using a clean cloth
  • Store back on the packaging, store at room temperature

For those who are still girls

  • Soak NCX (Crystal X) using lukewarm water for about 2 minutes
  • Use NCX (Crystal X) soaking water to wash Miss V

Dosage of Use

  • Regular use 2 times a day after bathing
  • For the healing period can be used 3 times a day
  • Can be used before carrying out husband and wife relationships

Note :

  1. Prohibited to use when menstruation (menstruation)
  2. Prohibited to use while pregnant


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